You Deserve the Best

1. By using us, it allows your staff the opportunity to better utilize their time for what matters most..Patient care!

2. It decreases overhead cost, by not spending money on software and supplies.

3. You can fax us the superbills or we can arrange pick up from your office. 


Striving to be your first choice for medical billing services, we guarantee a difference to your bottom line through efficient, focused attention to your needs. Industry leading software and dedicated professionals will always keep your paper and electronic medical billing running smoothly as we continually seek out opportunities for improvement.


We submit your medical claims electronically and on paper to over 2,500 payers nationwide including Medicare, Medicaid, BlueCross & BlueShield, as well as Commercial payers. Claims processed electronically can be paid in as little as 7 to 14 days. Claim errors can be significantly reduced when claims are submitted using our system.

On Time Medical Billing . . . Where Time Matters!

. . . Where Time Matters !

On Time Medical Billing